Best time to travel to Scandinavian countries

Where are we going to take our next holiday? Maybe it’s a newfound influence from Vikings, but many people have been thinking about going north. Let’s travel to Scandinavian countries! Scandinavia is made up of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. These countries are extremely well developed. They all have social democracies and are known for being beautiful and safe. They are also known for being a bit chilly in the winter time, which is why it is best to go in June or July. If you want to go during off-peak months, then May and September are best. Another reason to travel to Scandinavian countries for women travelling alone is the safety factor. These countries are extremely safe, and the men aren’t as aggressive as other countries. So because of this everyone can feel safe and just enjoy their time while they are there. One of the main attractions of Scandinavia is the Northern Lights. It’s easiest to see the lights the higher north you are. One of the most accessible places you can go north is in Norway. The Nordland railway is a railway in Norway that will take you all the way past the Arctic circle! The whole journey takes 10 hours. It departs from Trondheim twice a day, and there is also a night train with sleeping compartments. There are many reasons for you to travel and holiday in Scandinavian countries, but the most important have to be adventure and fun, you will find an abundance of both here.

Travel to Scandinavian countries

Croatia opens its Doors to Milleniums

Travelling to Croatia

Many of the millennials – those born around the 1980s are a hard working lot and they love spending their money on leisure activities. It’s not surprising that the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ has fueled this desire for travel and more specifically for visiting Croatia. There are so many reasons why Croatia is attractive to the ‘milleniums’ and that wonderful Mediterranean climate is the perfect invitation for young people and families who want to spend time tanning and swimming in this picturesque paradise. The Adriatic coast is made up of white beaches and secluded coves – the perfect destination to just dive into a world of water sports and stay at hotels where the sea greets you at your bedroom window. Cruising the coastline on a yacht with friends is just what milleniums love. There is nightly entertainment , elegant bars and tasteful restaurants, and with Croatia being a budget-friendly destination, milleniums are cashing in and benefiting from sizzling getaways at special prices.

Holidays on the Cheap – Traveller’s Tips

Holidays on the cheap mean going off the beaten path

Holidays on the cheap are readily available to the clued-up traveller. Here is some advice based on my experience and tips from insiders.

1) Delete your browser history as fares may increase if you enter the site several times.

2) New flights normally enter the system around 1 am so search shortly after.

3) Consider travelling budget to another European city and flying the long-haul flight from there. Return flights from Sofia to Dubai with Wizzair can be found for less than £150.

4) Business districts are not popular with budget travellers, but prices drop on the weekends and at Christmas. I have been able to get luxury rooms at half-empty hotels in Zurich and Brussels at bargain rates.

5) Look out for new flight routes and hotels with promotional offers.

6) Be aware of exchange rate fluctuations. I am tempted to head to South America soon as currencies like the Colombian Peso and Brazilian Real have dropped against the pound. Holidays on the cheap mean doing something a little different than the herd. As well as saving money, you will have a more memorable experience.

How To Maintain A Yoga Practice While You Travel


A few years ago, if you were to casually mention that you often did yoga exercises every morning, it would probably have been followed by a load of questions or a blank stare. These days however, studies show that around 10% of Americans claim to practice yoga regularly, and that is on the increase could not find figures for Britain but given the amount of yoga classes in my own town over the last few years, the popularity of yoga exercises and classes has skyrocketed. It is a brilliant way of combining exercise and meditation, and has many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Undertaking a few exercises and stretches once or twice a day can drastically improve your fitness, health and posture. But with so many travellers conquering the world today, many of which are yoga enthusiasts, how can you maintain your yoga routine while travelling?

yoga while you travel

First of all, make sure you pack a yoga mat and carry it around with you. This way, even if you struggle to find any other space or time to practice, whatever your schedule you can quickly lay your mat down and crack out a few exercises in a few minutes, wherever you are. In fact, I even encourage you to unroll your mat in exotic places. Mountain tops, forests, beaches and anywhere you can imagine. Beautiful scenery and peaceful locations can greatly improve your yoga session and enjoyment.

Although some prefer to do yoga alone and in solitude, the majority of us however either prefer the social aspect of a group, or need the expertise and guidance of an instructor. If this sounds like you, there’s no need to put your yoga on hold while you’re travelling. You’d be amazed how many yoga classes and groups can be found anywhere in the world these days. You could try asking the local people, find any community hub with advertisements and announcements, or look on the internet if possible. If you are still struggling to find classes, you could use social network to try and find like minded enthusiasts in the area for you to meet up and practice with.

So travel and stay healthy….see you soon 😉

How to decide where to travel this festive season?

The festive season is here once again. It is a perfect time to take a trip and enjoy. But how do you decide the best places to travel this festive season?

How do you decide the best places to travel this season?
How do you decide the best places to travel this festive season?

It all starts with your dream destinations. Everybody has one or more places they have always wished to go. You need to write this down. Do not limit yourself. Write as many as you can as this will help you narrow down in the end. You may include places you have visited before. I will recommend you keep to where you have never been unless your dream destinations are few.

The next thing is to have a rough idea on when you want to go. Once you have decided when, you need to go through your list and see which destinations on your list require a lot of planning before visiting. Some destinations will require you to have a certificate of vaccination against particular diseases. The most common is Yellow fever. If you will be receiving the yellow fever vaccination for the first time, it will be effective after 10 days. That is when your certificate of vaccination will be valid. In such case, you need to ask yourself if you have time to get a yellow fever vaccination and be valid before you travel. Other things to look for are:

  1. If you have a passport and if not, how long it will take you to obtain one.
  2. If you need International Student Identity Card which is intentionally recognized and will allow you to get discounts meant for students.

Scrape from your list the destinations that require documents which you do not have time to obtain.

Finally, can you afford it? Your budget will help you conclude where you should go for holiday this festive season.




Go Hiking and Feel the Difference to Your Health

I love walking and hiking and I think Britain is surely is one of the most beautiful place to explore on foot. I don’t always have the money to take me on the various expeditions I want do, especially if my passion takes me to 2 or 3 or sometimes even more different places in a year. What do I do if something special that I cannot turn it down, comes up? Simple: I turn to Ferratum UK to borrow the money, with a regular affordable repayments its a way to manage my finances and do the things I want to.

What I love about this country is that hiking gives you the opportunity to see some fantastic landscapes and also explore areas that you wouldn’t be able to see any other way. By donning a pair of good hiking shoes you can opt for one day walks or add excitement to the whole thing and stretch your hike over a few days. Some of these walks are hugely popular but most of the best walks are but there are plenty that are quieter. I like to avoid the crowded walks – after all that’s what hiking is for me – a chance to get out into the wilderness and get far from the madding crowd. Take the Calf and Cautley Spout for instance. You will need to climb approximately 562 metres and the reward will be visiting the highest waterfall in UK. What is so special about this particular hike is that you can enjoy some fantastic volcanic scenery too. It can become a raging torrent when it rains in the hills, which is not an unexpected occurance in the dales. So looking at weather forecast would be a good idea before you start and carrying your rain gear with you even if the sun is shining.

Calf and Cautley Spout - one of the most spectacular places to walk in UK


Exciting, Adventurous Tours for Solo Travellers

I’d say that some of the best holidays I’ve had have been those I’ve had on my own. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I’m reclusive – I just love being among strangers and not having to bother about time constraints or the whims of what a full-time companion has.

Experience has shown me how fantastic it is to be among  like-minded travel companions and yet be completely free – free to come and go as I want. Lately I’ve discovered that the world is waking up to the fact that there are far more solo travelers now.

There has certainly been an increase in the number of solo travel companies who are starting to take the needs of solo travelers more seriously. I’ve seen quite an impressive portfolio of holidays in different countries such as fantastic chill-out weeks in the Med, treks up Mount Kilimanjaro, Turkey, Greek island-hopping and much more. The group sizes vary and you get people from all nationalities. You also get to travel bu-coach and have all your activities and sightseeing pretty much organised. I’m a real food and wine fundi, and if you do a bit of research you’ll find these kind of hobby-orientated tours available for us solo travelers too – just up my street.

Serious Contemplation in Awesome Alaska

Seeing the world without a travel partner’s preferences to worry about is what I consider bliss – you simply do exactly what you want, and when – there’s no need to wait for someone to be ready. You simply seize the day and do what you want.

I always say that some trips are meant specifically for solo travellers, especially those bare-minimum packing type of holidays where you’re just with your own thoughts.  When I first started hiking solo in 2013, it was August when I opted for the Lost Lake Trail in Alaska for starters. I specifically opted to do this 14 mile short hike of just two days first. I wanted to see if I would feel lonely or invigorated.

The hike starts in a forest which I found extremely soothing. In the hectic 21st century, silence is golden and this was just what I needed. Once through the forest I walked through lush meadows and was aware of the awesomeness of the surrounding mountains and lakes. I’d done my homework and saw that I could stay overnight at the Lost Lake Campground.  I found in soothing and pleasurable lighting up a fire and taking in the smells and sights. What bliss just to sit around my campfire and contemplate … a rare treat.
If this is what hiking solo is about, I can’t wait to experience more as I reckon beauty and peace like this puts back what our busy lifestyles steal away.

A SLICE OF MAURITIUS PARADISE: The Mauritius Tourist Spots

The promise of a unique holiday experience is an encouraging thought for any person wanting to target Mauritius as his next tourist destination – I did. An island with the backdrop of a turquoise sea, Mauritius is a melting pot of people and history coalesced in its buzzing and active tourism industry. It is a must visit for any holiday lover.

Mauritius’ point of interest

This small but multi-cultural island is located within the geography of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, north east of Re Union and southeast of the Seychelles. It is the dwelling place of some of the most amazing natural parks in the world. Travelling Mauritius is not a complete experience without drowning your senses in these amazing places.

A religious experience: Ganga Talao

The Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin is a temple situated within the crater of an extinct volcano. The site is a perfect merger of nature’s beauty and the power of the Hindu faith. Considered as one of the two natural lakes of Mauritius, visiting Ganga Talao is best during the Maha Shivaratri festival.

Ganga Talao

Nature tripping at its finest: Black River Gorges National Park.

There can be no doubt that Mauritius is a country that boasts some of the most amazing and well-preserved natural parks in the world, one of which is the Black River Gorges National Park. The tourist trail in this park will expose the tourist to magnificent landscape trailed by endemic species of plants and rare birds. A visit to this park will no doubt bring the tourist close to Mother Nature’s embrace.

Experience the local culture: Socio-economic destinations.

When we say socio-economic destinations, these are tourist spots that generate profits not only for the state of Mauritius but also its locals; and the best way to contribute to the socio-economic life of Mauritius is to immerse yourself in shopping. The Central Market located in Port Louis is the best place to shop for local crafts and delicacies. It is a buzzing market that will give you a glimpse of the lifestyle of the locals. Plus, it’s the one place where you can buy affordable local merchandise.

A visit to Mauritius will truly pull out your pro-nature self. A green experience is the best phrase to describe Mauritius holidays with Best at Mauritius nature parks. The vast green scenery will definitely inspire you to commune with nature and appreciate it’s awesome power

Hitchhiking: The Best Option for the Solo Traveler

There are a number of effective ways through which one can travel when traveling solo. It is incredibly safe when you are travelling across Europe or UK, for these countries have a really widespread hitchhiking scene.

First of all, you have to make sure that you are at the right place in order to hitchhike. You might not get a lot of people willing to give you a ride if you are still inside the city. If you are in major cities, it might be a better idea for you to take a bus to the highway, and ask for a ride there. It is a wise idea for you to have signs telling them where you intend on going- this way, only the motorists headed in that direction will stop for you. Having signs will also increase the trust the motorists have in you as a hitchhiker.

Hitchhiking in Europe

Of course, if you want to ask somebody on the road for a ride, you have to look presentable. This does not mean you dress up in a suit- just make sure that you do not look threatening to those you are asking for a ride. When you are planning to hitchhike, make sure that your phone is fully charged and the emergency numbers are already saved. This way, in case you do get into trouble, you can seek assistance immediately.